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September 01

Apple to Bring Home Billions

David says Apple got caught with their pants down and now are holding out an olive branch.

September 01

Amazon Cancels Student Loan Program

David says this was Jeff’s call. The backlash from consumer advocates forced Amazon to exit the program before it even had a chance to start.

August 20

6 Charts Showing How Oil Still Drives the Market

6 months ago oil turned taking stocks along with it. David put together 6 stocks for Yahoo Finance to show the role oil is playing in both credit and stock markets.

August 04

Fed Looking at Buffett’s Investments in Wells Fargo

He’s done it before with American Express and now Buffett wants to increase his holdings in Wells Fargo. Will the Fed let him?

August 04

Boomers’ New Source of Income

David joins Alexis Christophorous and Justine Underhill to talk about Baby Boomers profiting from Millenials.

August 04

4 Years Later Amazon is Back Inside Target

4 years after Target kicked Amazon products out of their stores they’re back in. During that time Amazon added 19 Million Prime subscribers. David discusses with the Yahoo panel.

August 03

It’s All About Oil – The Movie

David discusses the days action in the market and why oil has been a leading indicator. He also talks about the election and how it is playing out for investors.

July 18

Crisis in Turkey – What you need to know

The sound of gunfire followed by tanks rolling into position is rarely good news for equity investors. Click here for full Yahoo story

July 07

Twitter Streams Wimbledon

David joins Yahoo host Justine Underhill & reporter Melody Hahm to discuss Twitter’s big move into video streaming Wimbledon.

July 07

Oil Workers Looking for Silicon Valley Perks

David joins Justine and Melody to talk about the challenges the oil industry has attracting new workers.