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July 07

Google Buys Moodstocks – Rise of the Machines

David says this is all part of the Grand Master Plan to put us all out of work.

June 29

WeWork – Goes to China

David weighs in on Private Equity startup WeWork that is revolutionizing the office rental market.  

June 29

This is War! – Walmart takes on Amazon

Once a critic of Walmart David now defends the company’s efforts in challenging online giant Amazon.

June 26

Brexit Highlight Reel

A highlight reel of David’s several media appearances in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Segments include those from Yahoo, Fox Business and CBS

June 26

David speaks to John Hillary on Brexit

David speaks to John Hillary in London from the set of Yahoo’s Final Round.

June 26

Independence Day

I’m sure when the United States declared its independence there were many saying it would be an economic disaster. Click here for full Yahoo article and video.

June 21

Yellen & Fed are Back in the Bunker

Click on Picture for Video Yellen’s testimony on the hill struck a somber tone. It’s pretty clear the Fed is back in the bunker.

June 11

Bill Gross – Negative Rates are a Supernova

It’s not often I’m on the same page is Bill. Central Bank policies are having unintended consequences. David sits down with Yahoo anchor Alexis Christophorous and Editor in Chief Andy Serwer.

June 11

Did Buffet blow it with his purchase of a utility?

Buffett’s utility customers are leaving. What does this mean for the industry?

April 30

Buffett calls out Carl Icahn

It had nothing to do with markets. Warren calling out Carl was all about politics