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April 30

Buffett calls out Carl Icahn

It had nothing to do with markets. Warren calling out Carl was all about politics

April 30

Bezos makes a cool $6 Billion

David joins host Jen Rogers for the Yahoo Mid Day Movers show to discuss Amazon’s blow out quarter.

April 18

Netflix – Can they stay on top?

Click on Picture to find out? Earlier today David sat joined Yahoo anchor Alexis Christophorous and Editor in Chief Andy Serwer to discuss Netflix earnings to be released after the bell today.

April 11

Millennials are in denial over debt

Millennials are growing up and making the same mistakes we did. This may be the home of the free and the land of the brave but America is also the home of people who want everything yesterday.

April 11

Rock Star to Stock Star – How a Lead Guitarist made it to Wall Street

Yahoo Finance TV host Alexis Christophorous catches me off guard in a recent interview. Click here for video

March 07

Trump Using Chines Money to Build NJ Project

Joined Yahoo’s Mid Day Movers with host Alexis Christophorous to discuss Donald Trump’s use of the EB5 program to finance a Trump Towers project in NJ. If it’s a government program you can bet there’s a loophole and a way to exploit it.

January 28

Facebook – Jeb Bush & Amazon

David joins Alexis Christophorous and Rick Newman to discuss a range of topics including Facebook’s blow out quarter, Jeb Bush’s $100 Million war chest and Amazon’s upcoming numbers.

January 21

Does Oil Really Matter – GM Turns Into Apple?

David mixes it up with Yahoo’s Rick Newman along with anchor Alexis Christophorus. How important is oil for the market and is GM really trying to become a silicon valley startup?

December 29

The Oil Ripple Effect – Yahoo

From Alaska Oil to Nike we covered it all on Mid-Day Movers

October 25

Yahoo & the NFL

Click on Picture for Video