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June 25

Is the recovery at risk – The Movie

David joins Yahoo Finance anchors Julie Hyman and Adam Shapiro to discuss the latest market concerns as COVID-19 cases once again start to rise.

May 28

April was the economic bottom

David joins the Yahoo Finance panel to weigh in on the recent market rotation as well as the economic outlook.

April 30

Stocks take off – Economy tanks

David joins the Yahoo panel to discuss the latest on the economy.

March 24

Senate – Insider Trading

My first video from inside the bunker

March 08

Investors we’re positioned for growth

David joins the On the Move panel to discuss the latest on the coronavirus and what’s next for the markets.

February 23

Markets take a step back

David joins the On the Move panel to discuss the latest news and market reaction.

February 01

Around the world in 72 seconds

Media highlights from a news cycle consumed with the coronavirus

January 13

Around the world in 177 seconds

Video highlights from the week.

December 21

Facebook vs the New York Times

David and the panel discuss the Facebook’s decision to not fact check political ads.

December 21

Help! – I need a fashion consultant – PG&E

The topic is the devastating fires in California and the aftermath but given the Facebook outrage it seems my shoes became the story.