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May 11

CYBER – The DarkSide

DarkSide a super secret organization tries to paint themselves as some kind of digital age Robinhood. David weighs in. Click Here for video

April 15

Crypto – What’s Next

David weighs in on the Coinbase (COIN) IPO and what’s next for Crypto

April 01

Elephant in the Room

David joins Yahoo Finance anchors Alexis Christoforous and Kristin Meyers to discuss markets and the economy. Click Here for Video

March 11

The Velocity of the Move

David joins Yahoo Finance anchors Adam Shapiro and Seana Smith. Click Here for video

March 07

Market is telling us where to go

David joins Yahoo Finance anchor Alexis Christoforous to weigh in on the latest market news. Click Here for video

November 30

Market Round Table

David joins Yahoo Finance anchors Adam Shapiro and Seana Smith along with JPMorgan Chief Global Strategist Jack Manley.

October 18

No Stimulus or Contested Election – Which do investors fear more?

David weighs in on the markets, the economy and what to expect as we approach the election

September 30


Investors are rushing from one side of the lifeboat to the other.

August 29

Palantir CEO Blasts Silicon Valley

August 12

Rotation Wars!

David weighs in on sector rotation and the latest market data with the Yahoo Finance news team.