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October 27

Dumbing down the iPhone X

David joins anchors Alexis Christophorous and Myles Udland to discuss the dumbing down of the iPhone X

September 02

You Don’t Screw Around with the Good Faith and Credit of the United States

David warns the market reaction to failing to raise the debt ceiling would be violent and potentially as catastrophic as the failure of Lehman Brothers.  

September 02

Brands Struggle with Retailers

According to Buffet the battle between brands and retailers has been going on for decades. David agrees.  

September 02

Google Refunds Advertisers Over Fake Traffic

David weighs in on just how important it is for Google and other digital players to remove fake traffic from their websites.  

September 02

This is what happens without a home button on the iPhone

Light moment on Yahoo set with Seana and Myles talking about the unintended consequences removing the home button on the iPhone.  

February 25

David Nelson Highlight Reel 2017

David joins the panel on several of the major networks to discus Brexit, Politics, Markets and your favorite stock.

May 28

Alphabet is #1 in media

Hard to believe that Alphabet’s media platform is bigger than Disney

May 28

Goldman Employees – No longer just a number

Goldman scraps rating their employees 1-9. Big investment banks have been in a secular decline for about 8 Years. Younger employees want real feedback.

May 28

Is Snapchat worth $18 Billion

Is Snapchat really worth $18 Billion. Kids love it and parents fear it.

April 10

CEO Pay Is Out of Control

They call it pay for performance. I call it “the rape of the American shareholder.