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March 12

Silicon Valley Bank – Did the Fed break it or was it broken already?

By David Nelson, CFA The failure of Silicon Valley Bank has sent regulators and the Federal Reserve scrambling for answers on how and why this happened. In some ways little has changed since the dark days of the financial crisis. This was a bank pushing the envelope, growing at break neck speed and seemingly unafraid that rising […]

May 05

Yellen Walks Back Call On Rates

David joins Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo to discuss recent comments from Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen.

September 25

Fed Trek – The Great Unwind

By David Nelson, CFA [These are the voyages of the Federal Reserve. Its five-year mission: to unwind a massive balance sheet, to seek out inflation and low unemployment, to boldly go where no man has gone before.] There was no shortage of news last week as the S&P 500 closed at another all-time high. Kim […]

March 16

The Fed Surprise

David points out the only surprise in the March Fed Policy statement. Caught Hedge Funds off sides…

February 16

The Market Rally – Up Close & Personal

David joins Michelle Makori on the new I24 News set from Times Square to discuss the market rally and why he’s getting worried.

February 03

Trump & the Fed – Is Yellen on the way out?

David shares his take on Trump’s view of the Fed and the odds of Yellen giving up the Chair.

December 12

Will the Fed end the Trump Rally?

By David Nelson, CFA After a 4 week post-election rally pushing the Dow up close to 20K, focus shifts to the Fed and an expected rate hike, the first since last year. There’s little debate on the street as to the announcement this week but the commentary that follows has investors wondering just how much […]

September 02

Fed Hike for September is Off the Table

Click on Picture for Full Video David joins the TheStreet’s Scott Gamm and Moody’s Analytics Chief Strategist John Lonski to discuss the August jobs report.

August 29

Fed Transparency – Clear as Mud

By David Nelson, CFA Even the press are starting to refer to the Fed’s annual trek to Jackson Hole as little more than a circus. (Barron’s: Fed’s Jackson Hole Circus) I said in last week’s post the commentary will be about as clear as mud followed by a parade of Fed officials each expressing their […]

June 21

Yellen & Fed are Back in the Bunker

Click on Picture for Video Yellen’s testimony on the hill struck a somber tone. It’s pretty clear the Fed is back in the bunker.