May 24


Tina Turner – RIP

By David Nelson

TINA RIP – I think the passing of Tina Turner probably touched many. I’ll wanted to share my only encounter with her. It was in the 80’s just shortly before Tina had released What’s love got to do with it?

I was playing guitar in the David Johansen band. It was a good year, and it was on the heels of David’s MTV hit… Management got us a slot opening for Tina at the Pier in New York City. We got there around 4PM that afternoon. Tina’s band was already on stage doing a sound check. They were awesome. A really solid band. I can’t remember who the MD was playing keys, but he really had control of everything happening on that stage.

It took a while for the crews to make the set change but after they were done, we did our sound check. I don’t think David was there. It was rare for David to be at a sound check.

Right after we finished, this Limo pulls up close to the side of the venue. A few people got out of the car and started walking toward us. A very sweet middle-aged woman comes forward to the few of us still hanging out on stage. She made a point of greeting almost everyone. Shortly after she turns around and heads for the trailer at the back.

It took me a minute before I realized. OMG that was Tina. No make-up, sneakers, slacks and sweatshirt. That can’t be Tina.

I didn’t think much of it. We went off to our trailer which was barely big enough to fit in. As usual the crew had eaten most of the food so there wasn’t much to do but wait for the show.

It was a hot summer night. We hit the stage just after dusk. This was our crowd too and it was packed to the rafters. After our set most of stayed to hang out for her show. I grabbed a seat near the side of the stage.

Tina’s band opened up with a hard driving knockem dead wall of sound. The backup singer/dancers were there but no Tina.

Suddenly after about 2 minutes the door of the trailer opens up and BAM!

Out walks a GODDESS!! My mouth was open. As she walked down the stairs in killer heels it seemed like her legs went up to her neck. That couldn’t possibly be the non-descript middle aged woman I met earlier.

I don’t have to tell you what came next because if you’re a fan you know.

She tore the house down. We were all singing along with every song. The sax player looked like he stepped out of a Mad Max movie. Trust me, it was a party.

After the show and 3 encores later, Tina walked off into that Limo and she was gone.

I’ve never forgotten that night and have been a fan ever since. RIP