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May 17

Cracks in the Facade

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Last week may have ended on a high note but visible cracks in the market façade weighed on investor sentiment. Inflation expectations took center stage as both headline CPI and PPI releases came in well above expectations prompting a modest flight from risk assets. Stocks recovered on both Thursday and […]

May 10


By David Nelson, CFA CMT On the heels of another cyber-attack this weekend, Cyber Monday takes on a whole new meaning. Colonial Pipeline Company with a 5500-mile network of infrastructure extending from Linden, NJ to Houston was hit by a ransomware attack. With 45% of gasoline and diesel for the east coast transported by Colonial […]

May 04

Buy the Dip?

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to weigh in on the economy and recent price action in the market.

May 03

5 Years, 5 Months or just 5 Days

By David Nelson, CFA CMT With 2021 setting up to be another record year for equity investors it’s not surprising to see headlines like this weekend’s Wall Street Journal article Americans Can’t Get Enough of Stocks. Year to date every sector is in the green with Energy on top and Consumer Staples bringing up the […]

April 05

Hottest in 37 Years!

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Most investors have never seen economic data this hot. Wednesday’s ISM Manufacturing coming in at 64.7 is the highest in 37 years. GDP Consensus for 2021 is close to 6% with some economists as high as 8%. Add the fact that Friday’s non-farm payrolls coming in at 916K was well […]

March 15

What’s the Backup Plan?

By David Nelson, CFA CMT  US Debt as a % of GDP hit a peak at the height of World War II. In the face of its greatest challenge, America was willing to spend whatever it took to survive. During the Financial Crisis on the heels of a housing bubble and toxic securities in deposit institutions debt […]

March 08

The NASDAQ Breakdown Playbook

By David Nelson, CFA CMT It’s hard to believe that anything other than COVID-19 and the success or failure of the vaccine rollout could top the list of investor concerns. However, the recent rise in rates is #1 with a bullet. It’s not the absolute level but the velocity of the move! At just over […]

March 01


By David Nelson, CFA CMT As the vaccine rollout continues investors will start to look beyond the Covid recovery and start to ask themselves some tough questions. The usual suspects or rogue’s gallery of market worries includes high valuations, rising yields, high unemployment and of course my personal favorite a geopolitical backdrop that challenges U.S. […]

February 15

All Bulled Up

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Markets pushed higher last week but clearly most of the economic data was soft. Jobless claims, Consumer Confidence and CPI all came in short of expectations. Earnings reports continue to be robust and well above estimates, but we’ve seen this movie before. A combination of lowered expectations and analysts behind the curve […]

February 01

GameStop – There’s nothing social about social media

By David Nelson, CFA At the start of 2021 analysts, talking heads and investors were focused on the year ahead and what the economy would look like on the other side of a vaccine rollout. The pandemic breakout of 2020 brought world economies to their knees and capital markets to the brink. Investors who looked […]