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January 19

Under Pressure

David joins Fox Business host Charles Payne to discuss the rough start to the earning’s season.

January 17

Is it safe?

Bringing home supply chains isn’t just good business, it’s a national security imperative.

January 03


By David Nelson, CFA CMT 2021 surprised investors delivering a +28.7% return in the face of mounting global and domestic challenges. The more exposure you had to U.S. equity the better the performance. While the broad market provided a relatively smooth ride with low realized volatility, beneath the surface sector and style performance shifts were […]

December 20

When doves turn into hawks

When #Fed doves start to sound like rate hawks it’s a good bet #FOMC is behind the curve. Meanwhile the long end of the curve doesn’t agree $SPY $TLT #economy

December 16

When doves become hawks

Fox Business anchor Charles Payne had the best line. Fed doves are now starting to sound like Hawks.

December 01

Powell Omicron 1-2 Punch

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne and Mark Tepper Strategic Wealth Partners CEO to discuss the latest Powell testimony and market reaction.

November 15

Markets 2022 – Flat is the new up

By David Nelson, CFA CMT As 2021 draws to a close it’s easy to identify the catalysts and factors that drove equity performance. It gets a little harder for strategists charting a course forward especially with data shifting dramatically month to month and a news cycle that presents us with a new set of challenges […]

November 08

Demand Destruction

By David Nelson, CFA CMT On the heels of a dovish Fed meeting and strong employment report the S&P finished the week up better than 2%. Even more compelling, Friday marked the seventh straight session stocks ended the day at a closing all-time high. Is there anything that can stop this train and maybe more […]

November 01

What is China Exporting Now?

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Wikipedia refers to Mao Zedong founding father of the People’s Republic of China as one of the most important individuals of the twentieth century. As chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, he established the PRC in 1949 leading a repressive regime where as many as 20 million died during the cultural […]

October 18

PPI vs CPI – Why it matters!

By David Nelson, CFA In the face of rising investor concern on a range of issues stocks put in a strong week adding to month to date gains. The pivotal moment came Thursday with the S&P delivering its strongest day in months up +1.7%. Add Friday’s monster earnings beat from Goldman (GS) and the glass […]