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March 02

Trouble in Europe – CNBC

David joins the CNBC Power Lunch team to discuss the rising economic threat in Europe and weigh in on administration economic policy initiatives.

February 25

David Nelson Highlight Reel 2017

David joins the panel on several of the major networks to discus Brexit, Politics, Markets and your favorite stock.

February 23

Earnings Fast & Furious – TSLA, FIT, SQ

David joins the CNBC panel to discuss earnings as they hit the tape.  

January 25

DOW 20K – What should you do now?

DOW hits 20k so what should investors do now?

December 28

Biotech in 2017

David joins CNBC anchors Bill Griffeth and Kelly Evans along with Forbes columnist Luke Timmerman to discuss prospects for the Biotech sector in 2017.

December 20

Dow Closes in on 20,000 – From the floor of the NYSE

David joins CNBC anchors Kelly Evans & Bill Griffeth along with JPMorgan Global Strategist David Lebovitz as the Dow closes in on 20,000

December 13

The Three Musketeers Battle Over DOW 20K

David joins the Closing Bell gang with anchors Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth along with Keith Bliss and Rick Santelli to discuss DOW 20K Facebook and CBS. As usual Rick gets the last word.

November 30

Post Trump Rally Trades – NYSE

David joins the gang for CNBC’s Closing bell with Sara Eisen & Bill Griffeth. David and Mike Santoli go head to head over Stock Buybacks

July 16

Market Outlook & Kelly’s Birthday

David joins anchors Bill Griffeth & Kelly Evans to discuss BREXIT and a range of issues for investors. A few minutes into the interview floor traders surprise Kelly with a big Pokeman Birthday Cake.

July 06

Bull Bear Debate – Consumer Stocks

I’m not sure I was needed for this segment. I was the bear but Melissa & Mike who was the Bull pretty much made the case for me. This is an important video. Remember, Price Momentum works great right up until when it doesn’t. Just how safe is this safety trade.