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March 21

The Two Biggest Threats

David joins Cheddar anchor Brad Smith to weigh in on markets as we close out a volatile week. Click here for video

March 15

Interest Rate Volatility – The Velocity of the Move

David joins TD Ameritrade Network anchor Oliver Renick to weigh in on markets and sector rotation. Click Here for video.

October 25

What can they do? – Elon Musk

October 04

Market Reaction to Covid in the White House

There’s a reason why ratings for the House and Senate are the lowest in a generation

September 14

The Window Portfolio

I can see what to buy just looking outside my window

August 19

Market Economy Disconnect

David joins CNBC anchor Dominic Chu – David weighs in on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money comments on the market economy disconnect

July 02

2nd Half Playbook 2020

David joins CNBC anchor Brian Sullivan to weigh in on the upcoming jobs report.  

June 15

Unchartered Waters – The Movie

David weighs in on markets and the economy.

May 21

Turning on the Lights


May 17

The COVID Reel

Highlights from several News Networks featuring David Nelson CFA, Chief Strategist of Belpointe weighing in on a range of issues during the Covid-19 pandemic.