August 27

Politics – David Nelson Highlight Reel

David Nelson weighs in on the political drama we live through every day. His viewpoint resonates with followers from K Street to Main Street translating Washington double talk into the truth. Anything less is a clear and present danger.  

June 17

600 CEOs Demand End to the Trade War

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Hostage to a news cycle that never ends, investors are forced to digest an endless wave of geo-political events unfolding on nearly every corner of the planet. From an attack in the Gulf of Oman  to the riots in Hong Kong, every story seems to add another brick to the […]

June 14

E3 – The Latest in Gaming

David and Charles discuss the latest in Gaming from the E3 Expo

June 14

Hong Kong Riots as the World Watches

David joins i24News anchor Michele Makori to discuss…

June 14

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

David sits down with Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone to weigh in on the United Technologies and Raytheon merger as well as the latest from the Federal Reserve.

June 10

‘It’s deja vu all over again’

By David Nelson, CFA CMT In the immortal words of Yankee great Yogi Berra; ‘it’s deja vu all over again.’ Once again bad news is good news as traders jumped all over Friday’s weak employment report, firm in the belief that the Fed will respond with its first rate cut since the depths of the […]

June 06

Trade War Takes a Dangerous Turn

David joins CNBC anchor Brian Sullivan to discuss the latest on trade and what investors can expect next.

June 06

Socially Responsible Investing – Does it Work?

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss the merits of socially responsible investing.

June 03

Trade War – DEFCON 2

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Friday brought the curtain down on the market’s first negative month of the year and its first down May since 2012. From the President’s first tweet that China was backtracking on commitments already made to late Thursday’s announcement that the administration was putting a 5% tariff on all imports from […]

May 25

Around the world in 2 minutes

May 20

Casualties of War

By David Nelson, CFA CMT With the DOW (DJI) 800 points off the highs along with a news cycle that feeds both bulls and bears, I think it’s safe to say the equity backdrop is confused at best. It’s difficult for strategists to suggest full steam ahead with alarm bells going off everywhere even though […]