August 27

Politics – David Nelson Highlight Reel

David Nelson weighs in on the political drama we live through every day. His viewpoint resonates with followers from K Street to Main Street translating Washington double talk into the truth. Anything less is a clear and present danger.  

May 28

April was the economic bottom

David joins the Yahoo Finance panel to weigh in on the recent market rotation as well as the economic outlook.

May 27

The only thing worse than being wrong, is staying wrong

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss the markets and economy.

May 26

Asset Class War!

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Over the holiday weekend the United States crossed 100,000 fatalities connected to COVID-19. We can and should debate every aspect of the response including actions taken by the federal reserve. What isn’t up for debate is the economic damage and unintended consequences of shutting down the economy. Historians will judge […]

May 21

Turning on the Lights


May 18

Failure is not an option!

By David Nelson, CFA At 7:50PM April 13th, 1970 Fight Director Gene Kranz was sitting at his desk in NASA’s Mission Control facility. Five minutes later he was about to receive a radio transmission from the crew of Apollo 13 that would change his life and that of everyone associated with America’s Space program. With […]

May 17

The COVID Reel

Highlights from several News Networks featuring David Nelson CFA, Chief Strategist of Belpointe weighing in on a range of issues during the Covid-19 pandemic.

May 13

Designated Survivor

David weighs in on the challenge of close proximity businesses with Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone and Bank of New York Chief Strategist Alica Levine.

May 06

America goes back to work

David joins BNN host Amanda Lang

May 06

Every decision has a cost

David joins Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone

May 04

America re-opening is only half the battle

By David Nelson, CFA Markets took a pause last week while at the same time completing one the biggest single month gains in a generation. It would be nice to believe the challenges ahead are few and that 2020 is just a cyclical downturn easily followed by the next leg of a bull market. Unfortunately, […]