David Yahoo Final Round June 26

Brexit Highlight Reel

A highlight reel of David’s several media appearances in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Segments include those from Yahoo, Fox Business and CBS

yellen_fisher_-_Google_Search August 29

Fed Transparency – Clear as Mud

By David Nelson, CFA Even the press are starting to refer to the Fed’s annual trek to Jackson Hole as little more than a circus. (Barron’s: Fed’s Jackson Hole Circus) I said in last week’s post the commentary will be about as clear as mud followed by a parade of Fed officials each expressing their […]

David US Econ Election August 25

All Eyes on Jackson Hole – China TV Interview

David weighs in on Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s upcoming speech in Jackson Hole.

David Mind Shaft Sq August 22

It’s too late for the Fed to raise rates: Here’s why

By David Nelson, CFA The dangers of keeping rates abnormally low for too long have been well documented by economists, strategists and portfolio managers from the buy side to the sell side including commentary from yours truly. IMHO the Fed missed their window as far back as late 2013 when they could have hiked into […]

David 3 Shot explaining CDS on energy companies August 20

6 Charts Showing How Oil Still Drives the Market

6 months ago oil turned taking stocks along with it. David put together 6 stocks for Yahoo Finance to show the role oil is playing in both credit and stock markets.

David_Solo_Street_Lower_third August 20

Why the Market is Still Driven by Oil

CLICK ON PICTURE FOR FULL VIDEO David sits down with the Street’s Scott Gamm to discuss the link between oil and the market.

David 2 Shot BNN Amber August 17

Re-invest or Die! – The BNN Interview

The good news is that buybacks are slowing down. The bad news is that buybacks are slowing down. David says CEOs choose buybacks to prop up their paycheck.

David Solo low third BNN August 17

Stocks Priced for Perfection!

David covers a range of topics for Canada’s BNN. Stocks priced for perfection, the Fed and CEOs more concerned with their paycheck then the growth of the company.

David Mind Shaft Sq August 15

What’s Driving the Market?

By David Nelson, CFA In the face of so-so data and an economic pulse that looks more like an EKG going into cardiac arrest investors want to know “What’s driving the market?” The earnings season is drawing to a close and as Goldman points out in a recent note one consistent theme seems to ring […]

Is_it_safe_MMM August 07

Consumer Staples, Utilities & Bonds – Is it Safe?

By David Nelson, CFA U.S. Stocks have paid off handsomely over the last 5 years but it’s been the perceived safe haven trade that has captured the hearts and minds of investors. Utilities (XLU), Telecoms (XTL), Consumer Staples (XLP), Treasuries (TLT) and all manner of fixed income have been the go to investments especially for […]

David Fed Examines Buffett August 04

Fed Looking at Buffett’s Investments in Wells Fargo

He’s done it before with American Express and now Buffett wants to increase his holdings in Wells Fargo. Will the Fed let him?


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