David Yahoo Final Round June 26

Brexit Highlight Reel

A highlight reel of David’s several media appearances in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Segments include those from Yahoo, Fox Business and CBS

David Mind Shaft Sq October 24

The U.S. Dollar – Public Enemy #1

By David Nelson, CFA A myriad of factors seem to be colliding forcing some of the world’s top strategists to the sidelines. The approaching election, a confused Fed and stretched valuations weigh on sentiment as the markets here continue to churn forcing investors to bounce from one sector to the next searching for the Holy […]

gld_1_year_post_selloff October 10

Is the bull market in gold over?

By David Nelson, CFA Rate hike fears and a strong dollar trashed gold this week driving down the metal and associated ETF’s to the lowest levels since Brexit. The inverse relationship between gold and the dollar is well documented hence the selloff in the yellow metal makes perfect sense in light of a rising dollar […]

green_day_-_google_search October 02

Wake me when September ends –

Summer has come and passed The innocent can never last Wake me up when September ends – Green Day By David Nelson, CFA There were few innocents in September but the closing month of summer had its share of villains. Wells Fargo’s (WFC) CEO John Stumpf was forced to explain in front of congress why […]

albert_einstein_-_google_search September 25

I’ve good news & bad news for investors – Which do you want first?

By David Nelson, CFA I’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is: stocks, bonds and gold exhibited high positive correlation last week all moving higher giving most investors something to cheer about after a rough start to the month. The bad news is: stocks, bonds and gold exhibited high positive correlation […]

David_3_Shot_Street_Jobs September 02

Fed Hike for September is Off the Table

Click on Picture for Full Video David joins the TheStreet’s Scott Gamm and Moody’s Analytics Chief Strategist John Lonski to discuss the August jobs report.

David 3 Shot Jen Hands September 01

Apple to Bring Home Billions

David says Apple got caught with their pants down and now are holding out an olive branch.

David 2 Shot Amazon September 01

Amazon Cancels Student Loan Program

David says this was Jeff’s call. The backlash from consumer advocates forced Amazon to exit the program before it even had a chance to start.

David Apple to Pay 2 August 31

Does Apple Pay It’s Fair Share – CBS Interview

David joins the CBS news team to discuss the $14.5 Billion Europe says they owe them in back taxes. “This is just the beginning of a larger conversation about tax reform” – David

yellen_fisher_-_Google_Search August 29

Fed Transparency – Clear as Mud

By David Nelson, CFA Even the press are starting to refer to the Fed’s annual trek to Jackson Hole as little more than a circus. (Barron’s: Fed’s Jackson Hole Circus) I said in last week’s post the commentary will be about as clear as mud followed by a parade of Fed officials each expressing their […]

David US Econ Election August 25

All Eyes on Jackson Hole – China TV Interview

David weighs in on Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s upcoming speech in Jackson Hole.