August 27

Politics – David Nelson Highlight Reel

David Nelson weighs in on the political drama we live through every day. His viewpoint resonates with followers from K Street to Main Street translating Washington double talk into the truth. Anything less is a clear and present danger.  

July 22

Fed & Iran – Which is the market worried about more?

On set with Fox Business host Deidre Bolton to discuss the latest on Iran and the Fed

July 21

Wall of Worry is 21 Miles Wide

By David Nelson, CFA CMT With tensions rising in the Middle East investors are increasingly focused on a waterway only 21 nautical miles wide halfway around the world. The Strait of Hormuz sits strategically between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf where most estimates point to 1/3 of the world’s sea-borne oil passing […]

July 19

Facebook’s Libra faces uphill battle on the hill

Facebook has lost the trust of Congress and faces an uphill battle to launch their crypto currency Libra

July 18

Fed Talk – Should they or shouldn’t they cut rates

David joins panel to discuss Powell and the Fed with i24News anchor Michelle Makori and Yahoo Finance Global Markets reporter Jared Bilkre

July 18

Retail Bonanza

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss a monster retail sales report.

July 15

Earnings, we don’t need no stinking earnings

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Stocks ended the week at another all-time high in front of an earnings season that even bulls concede will be challenged. The current script pits analysts who continue to cut numbers with traders and investors chanting, “earnings, we don’t need no stinking earnings.”  Of course, most companies will report headline […]

July 02

Trade Talks Restart – Huawei Looms Large

David joins i24News anchor Michelle Makori to discuss the latest on China and Huawei

July 01

Where’s the Beef?

By David Nelson, CFA CMT June was a monster month on the heels of a disappointing May that drove many investors to the sidelines including a few Wall Street legends. Hedge Fund star Stanley Druckenmiller announced he had dumped most of his exposure to stocks shortly after a May 5th tweet from President Trump, raising […]

June 25

Trump Xi meeting on deck

David joins Fox Business anchor Ashley Webster to discuss the upcoming meeting between President’s Trump and Xi.

June 24

The Death of Equities – I Meant Value

By David Nelson, CFA Looks like I’m a day late with CNBC beating me to the punch. Lesson learned. Never sit on a story. Another strong week for markets in part fueled by dovish comments from Fed Chairman Powell. The press conference following the FOMC rate decision was one step this side of a promise […]