August 27

Politics – David Nelson Highlight Reel

David Nelson weighs in on the political drama we live through every day. His viewpoint resonates with followers from K Street to Main Street translating Washington double talk into the truth. Anything less is a clear and present danger.  

April 20

Good News Bad News

David joins Fox Business host Charles Payne along with Michael Lee to weigh in on the latest market news.

April 19

April Lawton & David Nelson – One Way Ride

April Lawton on Lead Guitar with vocals by David Nelson – April was clearly ahead of her time on so many levels. My song writing partner for a decade and my musical inspiration for a lifetime.

April 15

Crypto – What’s Next

David weighs in on the Coinbase (COIN) IPO and what’s next for Crypto

April 13

JNJ Spooks the Market

April 12

High Noon

By David Nelson, CFA & CMT Chasing stock returns has always been a national pass time. In the last six months if it wasn’t popular meme stocks and SPACs it was the latest IPO or ETFs following the next hot asset class. Staying in front of the crowd is no easy task as some trends […]

April 08

In the End Fundamentals Rule!

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss markets and the economy

April 05

Hottest in 37 Years!

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Most investors have never seen economic data this hot. Wednesday’s ISM Manufacturing coming in at 64.7 is the highest in 37 years. GDP Consensus for 2021 is close to 6% with some economists as high as 8%. Add the fact that Friday’s non-farm payrolls coming in at 916K was well […]

April 01

Elephant in the Room

David joins Yahoo Finance anchors Alexis Christoforous and Kristin Meyers to discuss markets and the economy. Click Here for Video

April 01

Long Term Capital – The Sequel

David weighs in on recent market action as we come to the end of the quarter

March 29

It’s déjà vu all over again

By David Nelson, CFA CMT All of us are students of history. We live, work and survive as participants in a never-ending experiment called life. Early in our careers we have little real-world experience to draw upon. To hone our craft, we look to teachers, a mentor, books, classrooms etc. Most will study and practice […]