David Yahoo Final Round June 26

Brexit Highlight Reel

A highlight reel of David’s several media appearances in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Segments include those from Yahoo, Fox Business and CBS

david-kelly-2 February 23

Earnings Fast & Furious – TSLA, FIT, SQ

David joins the CNBC panel to discuss earnings as they hit the tape.  

david-chief-economist February 23

Olive oil & the economy

David joins host Michelle Makori to discuss olive oil and the economy. That’s how we started off but eventually got to more important issues like the Fed, tax reform and other issues important to investors.

Climbing_the_Wall_of_Worry_-_Google_Search February 19

I’m getting worried because I’m running out of things to worry about

By David Nelson, CFA “Markets climb a wall of worry.” It’s a phrase used to describe market rallies in the face of rising investor concern. Wall Street and the media have hundreds of these phrases to put into a few words complex interrelationships that ask the near impossible of investors. Make a binary decision based […]

david-michelle-2-shot-i24 February 16

The Market Rally – Up Close & Personal

David joins Michelle Makori on the new I24 News set from Times Square to discuss the market rally and why he’s getting worried.

border_tax_trump_-_google_search February 12

The Border Tax

By David Nelson, CFA Last week was another reminder that the order in which President Trump attacks his agenda is very much on the mind of both institutional and retail investors. In my end of January article Trumped Up Market I discussed the direct parallel of market performance to the rollout of administration policy. [“Obviously, […]

david-hand-low-third-yhoo February 08

The Trump Trade – Is it over?

David joins anchor Alexis Christophorous along with CIO of Hennion & Walsh and Chris Whalen head of research at Kroll bond rating agency to discuss several initiatives from the Trump administration along with the outlook for markets.

david_dc_new_york February 03

Trump & the Fed – Is Yellen on the way out?

David shares his take on Trump’s view of the Fed and the odds of Yellen giving up the Chair.

david-uber-2 February 03

Uber CEO pulls out of Trump Advisory Council

David joins the CBS News team to discuss Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s decision to pull out of President Trump’s Advisory Council.

trumped_up_-_google_search January 31

Trumped Up Market

By David Nelson, CFA Equity markets are in the short run a barometer of investor perception and emotion. Over the long term they are a discounting mechanism for growth and future earnings. There’s an old saying that markets hate uncertainty. The reality, is that it’s investors that hate it and often react emotionally to every […]

david-solow-low-third-yhoo January 30

Amazon wants to rule the world

How can anyone compete. Jeff Bezos has convinced the investment community that they don’t need earnings as long as they can keep growing. An enormous advantage over just about any company on the planet with the ability to plow back earnings into R&D and CAPEX. David joins the Yahoo team to discuss Amazon’s move into […]