David Yahoo Final Round June 26

Brexit Highlight Reel

A highlight reel of David’s several media appearances in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Segments include those from Yahoo, Fox Business and CBS

David_the_Street_Tech_Earnings July 25

Are current levels in the S&P 500 justified?

Scott Gamm and I talk about valuation levels for the SPX as well as what the week looks like with Apple (AAPL) earnings and the FED on deck. Click on picture for video.

ViX_Complacency July 24

Is the VIX flashing Warning or All Clear?

By David Nelson, CFA Geopolitical turmoil has had little effect this year as traders have used any sell off to increase market exposure.┬áThe good news is the market seems to be able to push higher and sustain altitude even while in overbought territory. The bad news is complacency is high with the (VIX) SPX Options […]

David Lower Third Turkey CCTV July 19

Turkey – Economic Fallout from a Failed Military Coup

David weighs in on the economic fallout of a failed military coup. “The world is watching”

us_military_bases_in_turkey Highlight July 18

Crisis in Turkey – What you need to know

The sound of gunfire followed by tanks rolling into position is rarely good news for equity investors. Click here for full Yahoo story

David Chief looks Down July 16

Market Outlook & Kelly’s Birthday

David joins anchors Bill Griffeth & Kelly Evans to discuss BREXIT and a range of issues for investors. A few minutes into the interview floor traders surprise Kelly with a big Pokeman Birthday Cake.

David 2 michelle July 14

Post Brexit Rally – Can it Continue? – CCTV

David joins CCTV host Michelle Makori at New York’s NASDAQ to discuss the Global Market Rally post the BREXIT referendum.

David Twitter Wimbledon July 07

Twitter Streams Wimbledon

David joins Yahoo host Justine Underhill & reporter Melody Hahm to discuss Twitter’s big move into video streaming Wimbledon.

David Hands 3 Shot July 07

Oil Workers Looking for Silicon Valley Perks

David joins Justine and Melody to talk about the challenges the oil industry has attracting new workers.

David Hands 2 Shot Melody July 07

Google Buys Moodstocks – Rise of the Machines

David says this is all part of the Grand Master Plan to put us all out of work.

David 2 Shot Household Stocks July 06

Bull Bear Debate – Consumer Stocks

I’m not sure I was needed for this segment. I was the bear but Melissa & Mike who was the Bull pretty much made the case for me. This is an important video. Remember, Price Momentum works great right up until when it doesn’t. Just how safe is this safety trade.


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