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August 30

Media Highlights – “A week to remember”

David was invited to many of the major networks last week to discuss world events shaping the markets, our economy and U.S. Elections. This short clip includes highlights from those shows.

August 24

Special Report – Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders turn market crisis into political opportunity

Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump both claim to have a solution for the growing China threat. As every candidate turns the current market crisis into a political opportunity, David Nelson weighs in on a Special Report for Al Jazeera America.

December 21

What Lower Oil Prices Mean for the World Economy – Al Jazeera

David talks to Al Jazeera via London on choices for OPEC.

December 12

International Energy Conference – Al Jazeera Inside Story

David joins a distinguished panel of experts for Al Jazeera’s Inside Story Energy Special out of London.

June 26

SCOTUS Rules Against Aereo – Al Jazeera

David talks about the Supreme Court’s ruling against Aereo.

June 26

Wall Street vs Main Street – Al Jazeera America

David talks to Al Jazeera host Stephanie Sy about the disconnect between the Stock Market and Main Street America

April 12

The Nasdaq Sell-Off – How it Started

David is interviewed by Al Jazeera America host Stephanie Sy about the Nasdaq Selloff and how it started.

March 14

Unemployment Benefits and the Long Term Unemployed

David talks about the Senate bill to extend unemployment benefits and long term implications for the economy. Goes on to say that at some point Americans have to realize that job in the industry they love just may not be there anymore.

March 08

Putin is Ex KGB & Chess Master – His Next Move

David tells London host Martine Dennis that Putin is ex KGB and has always wanted to return Russia to Superpower status.

February 27

Bitcoin – Was Mt. Gox a Ponzi Scheme?

David joins the Al Jazeera America team to discuss Bitcoin and the collapse of Mt. Gox