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March 11

U.S. vs Japan – Trade

David joins the Yahoo News team including anchor Alexis Christophorous and Rick Newman to discuss the trade negotiations between the U.S. and Japan.

March 11

Jobs Jobs Jobs

David joins Yahoo anchor Alexis Christophorous and reporter Rick Newman to discuss the jobs report, the economy and gridlock in Washington.

March 11

Bottled Water is King

Bottled water has now surpassed soda as the king of beverages. David joins Alexis Christophorous and Rick Newman to discuss.

February 08

The Trump Trade – Is it over?

David joins anchor Alexis Christophorous along with CIO of Hennion & Walsh and Chris Whalen head of research at Kroll bond rating agency to discuss several initiatives from the Trump administration along with the outlook for markets.

January 30

Should your child go to college

The cost of education is climbing. David joins the Yahoo team to discuss new pricing structure for college. Should your child go to college? David tackles this question as a parent.

January 30

The Achilles Heel of the Industrial Complex

David joins the Yahoo anchor Alexis Christophorous and reporter Rick Newman to discuss Ford earnings and the challenge of legacy pension plans.

September 01

Apple to Bring Home Billions

David says Apple got caught with their pants down and now are holding out an olive branch.

September 01

Amazon Cancels Student Loan Program

David says this was Jeff’s call. The backlash from consumer advocates forced Amazon to exit the program before it even had a chance to start.

August 20

6 Charts Showing How Oil Still Drives the Market

6 months ago oil turned taking stocks along with it. David put together 6 stocks for Yahoo Finance to show the role oil is playing in both credit and stock markets.

August 04

Fed Looking at Buffett’s Investments in Wells Fargo

He’s done it before with American Express and now Buffett wants to increase his holdings in Wells Fargo. Will the Fed let him?