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November 10

Election Day

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne on Election Day to discuss potential outcomes

November 01

Markets – How Long to Recovery

Earlier in the week with Fox Business anchor Charles Payne

October 28

Amazon & Google – Big Cap Tech Struggles

The one thing a growth company can’t do is miss on the top line $AMZN $GOOGL

October 13

Highlights from a week to forget

In a week most investors would like to forget David sits for several interviews to discuss.

September 24

Friday Night Soundbites

David bounces from network to network to weigh in on Washington & Wall Street

September 13

Morning’s with Maria interview – Trade and Tech Threat

David joins Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo to discuss the latest on trade and technology

September 09

Jobs – Wage Growth is Finally Here

With wage growth hitting 2.9% year on year some are asking if this will force the Fed’s hand.

September 06

Washington vs Tech

“Some of these companies are almost a nation unto themselves with massive war chests to lobby on their behalf…

September 02

Consumer Confidence hits an 18-year high

It’s not just GDP hitting 4.2% or the fact that Consumer Confidence just hit an 18-year high…

September 02

Young people not buying into the Easy Rider experience is bad news for HOG

Harley Davidson has bigger problems than tariffs.