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October 12

Set-up for Banks – NAFTA & more

Just before JPM and C released earnings. –

October 11

White House Press Briefing – Weighing In

Weighing in on a number of issues following the White House Press Briefing with Trish Regan on Fox Business.

October 11

Rex Tillerson – My Take following White House Press Brief

I discuss the White House Q&A regarding the Secretary of State with Fox Business anchor Trish Regan.

October 08

On Air Highlights for the Week – EFX, WFC, Buffett

Short clips from the week touching on stocks the economy and Buffett  

September 24

North Korea – When Will Markets Care?

David joins the FBNAM news team to discuss the latest threat from North Korea.  

September 15

London, North Korea Not Impacting Markets

David joins Fox Business hosts Lauren Simonetti and Cheryl Casone to weigh in on the terrorist attack in London along with North Korea’s latest missile launch.  

September 14

Are Americans Ready for a Trade War with China

David tells Fox Business anchor Charles Payne any trade sanctions on China to push them to end the NOKO crisis will have to be massive.  

September 08

North Korea – China is key

David joins Fox Business anchor Connell McShane to discuss the President’s latest comments regarding North Korea.    

September 08

Goldman CEO sees something he doesn’t like in the market

David joins Fox Business team including Cheryl Cassone and Lauren Simonetti to discuss Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s comments on the market as well as discuss the President’s surprise move to end the debt ceiling debate.  

September 06

North Korea – Clear & Present Danger

David joins the panel hosted by Fox Business anchor Trish Reagan to discuss the North Korean threat.