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January 19

Under Pressure

David joins Fox Business host Charles Payne to discuss the rough start to the earning’s season.

January 13

Rock n Roll Legend :)

After all the laughter we did get to the market and what you can expect for 2022 🙂

January 05

Drilling for $DOLLARS

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne and Senior Managing Director for Clearstead Jim Awad to weigh in on the recent market rotation and how to play it.

December 16

When doves become hawks

Fox Business anchor Charles Payne had the best line. Fed doves are now starting to sound like Hawks.

December 09

XLE – “You had to take the pain”

$XLE – You had to take the pain to make the gain

December 01

Powell Omicron 1-2 Punch

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne and Mark Tepper Strategic Wealth Partners CEO to discuss the latest Powell testimony and market reaction.

November 04

Good News Bad News

No shortage of bricks in the wall.

October 20

The New Cold War!

Taiwan is likely lost already. The political appetite to defend doesn’t exist. The good news is we are starting to bring supply chains home.

October 13

Wall Street Loves it, I HATE it!

Easiest way for a CEO to hit an earnings per share target and get their bonus is a stock buyback.

October 13

Investors will know what to do

Washington needs to get their act together. David joins anchor Charles Payne to weigh in on recent market volatility.