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June 17

Weekly Highlight Reel – Fed Aftermath & Uber

David hits the airwaves to discuss the market’s reaction to the Fed rate hike along with a management shakeup at Uber.  

June 14

Uber – Who loses the most?

David joins host Geri Willis to discuss the shakeup at Uber and answers the question Who loses the most?  

June 14

Public – Private Partnerships can help put unemployed back to work

David Nelson joins host Geri Willis to discuss the President’s apprenticeship program. “I applaud the effort but it is not enough…”

May 21

The Comey Memo – Highlights from the week

Highlights from a series of interviews last week. The Comey memo and the appointment of a special counsel both front and center for investors  

April 28

Washington vs Canada

David joins Fox Business anchor Trish Regan to discuss the Tax Reform and the administration’s battle with Canada on trade.

April 21

Washington VS Markets – Fox Business Interview

David joins FBN:AM hosts Lauren Simonetti and Nicole Petallides to discuss how news out of the beltway drives market sentiment.

April 21

FREXIT? – FBN:AM Interview

Short excerpt from David’s Fox Business interview discussing the upcoming French Election and the potential for a FREXIT.

February 25

David Nelson Highlight Reel 2017

David joins the panel on several of the major networks to discus Brexit, Politics, Markets and your favorite stock.

December 30

Mall Brawls – Fox Business

David joins Fox Business anchor David Asman and managing director for Strategic Resource Group Burt Flickinger to discuss retail and the holiday season.

December 10

The Trump Rally

David sits down with Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss the recent surge in the market.