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November 21

Interview at TheStreet – Why Energy?

Click here for David’s interview at TheStreet TV with host Scott Gamm. David discusses some of the challenges investors face as we close out 2017.

June 04

Is Coal Dead? – The Street.com Interview

David talks with the Street’s Debra Borchardt about the coal industry in the light of the EPA’s latest proposals.  

April 28

Toyota’s move to Texas from California is just the beginning

David is interviewed by the Street’s Debra Borchardt and shares his views on Toyota’s recent decision to move their U.S. headquarters from California to Texas. “It’s all about money.”

December 18

The Street.Com – Wall & Broad – LEN – Housing

David joins host Debra Borchardt on theStreet.com morning show WallandBroad. Today David weighs in Lennars’s (LEN) earnings as well as today’s housing starts. Click Here for Video

December 13

David Nelson – Anchor & Expert Guest Highlight Reel

Highlights from David’s work as News Anchor and frequent guest on most of the major networks including Fox News, CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg and theStreet.com