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November 26

My Jimi Hendrix Experience

I wasn’t much of a musician at least not yet but was desperate to find something to pull my life together.

November 19


David joins Fox Business host Dagen McDowell to weigh in on the latest news on a potential national shutdown in response to rising Covid-19 cases

October 25

What can they do? – Elon Musk

October 05

Is Market Cap Becoming a Liability?

SPY vs IWM vs RSP – Investors are desperate for some new blood to do the heavy lifting

September 30

150 Million Covid Tests

Testing plays a pivotal role in re-opening the economy

August 31

What’s Next?

With stocks and bonds at or close to all-time highs investors want to know $SPY #Economy $TLT

August 10

Risk On Risk Off Markets

By David Nelson, CFA CMT One look at any trader’s stock monitor screams the obvious. Both risk on and risk off investments are working side by side in a market that has surprised retail and institutional investors. On the heels of a pandemic and a market that fell -35% in just 23 trading days Gold […]

August 06

Apples and Elephants

David joins the Yahoo Finance news team to discuss Apple’s run up to $2Trillion Market Cap

July 22

State of the Market


June 10

Election-China-Covid Risks for the Market

David talks about some of the rising risks for the market