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April 18

Rethinking 60-40 the movie

David joins Bloomberg BNN anchor Jon Ehrlichman

January 01

Wall Street Wants a Hero

Wall Street always wants a hero. It’s impossible to live up to the expectations. It’s not Cathie’s fault. It’s ours… Click on Picture for Video

November 24

Oil Markets Saw Right Through It

David weighs in on the release of the SPR.

September 08

Is the Fed losing control?

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne along with Erin Gibbs to discuss the latest disappointing jobs numbers. David believes the Fed is losing control of the long end of the curve.

May 10

$2000 Signing Bonus

David weighs in on Friday’s disappointing employment report

April 19

April Lawton & David Nelson – One Way Ride

April Lawton on Lead Guitar with vocals by David Nelson – April was clearly ahead of her time on so many levels. My song writing partner for a decade and my musical inspiration for a lifetime.

April 15

Crypto – What’s Next

David weighs in on the Coinbase (COIN) IPO and what’s next for Crypto

April 12

High Noon

By David Nelson, CFA & CMT Chasing stock returns has always been a national pass time. In the last six months if it wasn’t popular meme stocks and SPACs it was the latest IPO or ETFs following the next hot asset class. Staying in front of the crowd is no easy task as some trends […]

March 07

The Velocity of the Move

David joins Fox Business host Charles Payne to discuss the recent spike in rates and what it means for investors.

November 26

My Jimi Hendrix Experience

I wasn’t much of a musician at least not yet but was desperate to find something to pull my life together.