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March 25

Facebook & China – The BNN Interview

David joins BNN host Jon Ehrilichman to discuss the latest news on Facebook, China tariffs and the market reaction.  

August 17

Re-invest or Die! – The BNN Interview

The good news is that buybacks are slowing down. The bad news is that buybacks are slowing down. David says CEOs choose buybacks to prop up their paycheck.

February 02

The Future of OPEC – BNN

David reports from the Nasdaq in Times Square to discuss Exxon’s latest earnings release and the Future of OPEC.

January 05

BNN Interview – 2016 The Road Ahead

David sits down with BNN anchor Francis Horodelski to discuss his most recent article 2016 – The Road Ahead

November 25

Market Winners & Loosers – BNN

David sits down with BNN’s Francis Horodelski to talk about the state of the market

August 01

Highlights from the Week – Fox Biz & BNN

Media Highlights from the week – Fox Biz & BNN

March 12

Why CEOs Make 300 times more than workers – BNN Interview

The BNN Interview everyone is talking about. David Nelson discusses  why the pay gap is widening and what we can do to fix it.

January 26

The U.S. Is Not the Only Game in Town – BNN Interview

David talks about the earnings on deck, the FOMC decision and the massive breakout in the DAX.

December 04

What’s Next for Oil? – BNN

David discusses the oil’s recent fall and what it means for investors and consumers.

November 18

Buyback / Payback – BNN Interview

If CEO’s continue to pick the low hanging fruit it will be at the expense of R&D and the buildout of factories, service centers and jobs.