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August 27

3,453 Days from the Abyss

By David Nelson, CFA After 3,453 days investors celebrate a milestone as we mark the longest bull market in history. Here we are a decade following the worst financial crisis in generations and the memories of Lehman collapsing along the value of your 401k are all but a memory. The gallows humor for those of […]

August 07

BAC Settles With Justice – The Movie – Excerpts

David blasts Justice for not going after those who responsible for the financial meltdown.

May 12

Geithner’s Stress Test – My Reflections on Financial Crisis

By David Nelson, CFA Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s book “Stress Test” comes out this week. Naturally the media will zero in on Mr. Geithner’s time in public service, along with his version of the events that led up to the financial crisis and the aftermath that followed. Let me say at the outset I […]

March 05

Mt. Gox Collapse – Now Bitcoin Bank Flexcoin Robbed

By David Nelson, CFA Reuters is reporting that Bitcoin bank Flexcoin is shutting down after being robbed of about $600,000 by hackers. Flexoin, based in Canada is working with authorities to return coins held in cold storage. The term refers to computers not connected to the internet and therefore can’t be hacked. In a tweet following Mt. Gox’s […]

February 09

Are Regulators Doing their Job? – Toyota $1Billion Settlement

David discusses the $1 Billion Toyota is paying to settle the case regarding “unintended acceleration.”  Are regulators doing their job?

January 07

Janet Yellen – Her First Challenge in 2014

By David Nelson, CFA Last night the Senate confirmed Janet Yellen as the next Fed Chairwoman. The confirmation was never in doubt but Fed watchers were all curious as to how large the margin would be. Many believed the no votes might be as high as 30, matching exiting Chairman Bernanke. With a vote of […]